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Gala (Singer)

Garthf (protection)

Geirbjorg (Sister of Bersi the Godless)

Geirrid (Sister of Geirrod)

Gerd (Enclosure)

Gerda (Protected)

Gerdie (Protected)

Gerdy (enclosure)

Gimle (new heaven)

Ginnungagap (The abyss that births all living things)

Gjalp (A giant)

Gna (one of friggas ladies in waiting)

Greip (A giant)

Grete (pearl)

Grethe (pearl.)

Greyfell (Sigurd's horse)

Grid (A wife of Odin)

Grima (Diminutive of Grimhilda)

Grimhild (Mother of Gudrun)

Grimhilda (Mother of Gudrun)

Grimhilde (Mother of Gudrun)

Gro (Gardener)

Groa (Gardener)

Gry (Dawn)

Gudlaug (god-wife)

Gudrid (Divinely inspired wisdom)

Gudrun (Wise)

Gull (God)

Gullveig (Witch)

Gunda (War)

Gunhild (War, battle)

Gunhilda (Battle maiden)

Gunhilde (Battle maiden)

Gunnhild (Battle maiden)

Gunnhildr (Battle maiden)

Gunnlod (Mother of Bragi)

Gunnvor (war-vigilant)

Gunvor (Cautious in war)

Guro (Divinely inspired wisdom)

Guthr (divinely inspired wisdom)

Gytha (Warlike)


Haldana (half danish)

Haldora (half protected)

Halfrid (Peaceful heroine)

Halfrida (Peaceful heroine)

Halla (half protected)

Halldis (firm helper)

Halldora (Half spirited)

Hallfrid (half beautiful)

Hallgerd (half protected)

Hallgerda (half protected)

Haralda (half protected)

Hege (holy; dedicated to the gods)

Heidrun (the goat who supplies mead for the gods)

Hel (Goddess of the underworld)

Hela (Goddess of the underworld)

Helga (Holy)

Helge (Holy)

Helgi (Holy)

Helja (saga name)

Herdis (bollis daughter)

Hilda (Fighter)

Hildegard (Battle, enclosure)

Hildegunn (Warrior woman)

Hildigunn (Warrior woman)

Hildur (A Valkyrie)

Hiordis (Second wife of Sigmund)

Hjordis (a sword goddess)

Hjørdis (sword goddess)

Hlif (Mother of Atli)

Hrefna (Daughter of Asgeir)

Hrodny (Mother of Hoskuld)

Hulda (Hiding, secrecy)

Hvergelmir (the home of nidhug)

Hyndla (a giant)

Hyrrokkin (an ogre)


Ida (Work, labour)

Idona (norse goddess of the apples of eternal youth)

Idun (active in love)

Iduna (active in love)

Idunn (again to love)

Indira (active in love)

Ingaborg (hero daughter)

Inge (foremost one)

Ingebjørg (Ings protection)

Ingeborg (Save, rescue)

Ingegerd (Enclosure)

Inger (Son's army)

Ingfrid (Ing-beautifu)

Ingharr (Son's army)

Inghild (Ings warrior)

Ingibjorg (under ings protection)

Ingigerd (Sister of Dagstygg)

Ingrid (Hero's daughter)

Ingrida (Beauty of Froy)

Ingrit (Beauty of Froy)

Ingunn (Loved by Froy)

Ingvild (Battle)

Injerd (under ings protection)

Irene (Peace)

Iris (Rainbow)


Janne (God is gracious)

Jarnsaxa (a giant)

Johanne (God is gracious)

Jord (Daughter of Night)

Jorunn (Horse, love)

Jørunn (stallion to love)


Kanutte (knot)

Kari (Strong and masculine)

Karita (dear)

Karoline (man)

Keki (from the ships island)

Keldan (from the spring)

Kirsten (Christian)

Kjellfrid (Kettle, beautiful)

Kriemhild (wife of siegfried)

Kriemhilda (wife of siegfried)

Kriemhilde (wife of siegfried)

Kristi (believer)

Kristine (follower of Christ)


Lene (Distinguished)

Linda (Soft, tender)

Line (Distinguished)

Lise (God is my oath)

Liv (Protection)

Llv (defence, protection)

Lofn (Goddess of lust)

Lofnheid (Sister of Otter)

Lovise (famous warrior)

Lyngheid (Sister of Otter)


Magnhild (Mighty in battle)

Margarete (pearl)

Margarethe (pearl)

Margrethe (pearl)

Marianne (Bitter grace)

Marit (pearl)

Martha (Lady, mistress)

Meklorka (A deaf and mute concubine)

Menglad (won by svipdag)

Mildri (mild and lovely)

Mista (A Valkyrie)

Mukka (a deaf and mute concubine)


Nanna (Grace)

Nerthus (Name of a goddess)

Njorthrbiartr (heroic)

Norge (norway)

Norn (fate)

Norna (the goddess of fate)

Noss (Daughter of Frey)


Oddfrid (beautiful point)

Oddnaug (pointed)

Oddny (new point)

Oddveig (pointed)

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Olaug (of the ancestorsj)

Olga (Holy)

Olin (of the ancestors)

Olivia (Affectionate)

Olld (point)

Osk (Mother of Hild)

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Paula (Small, humble)

Pauline (Small, humble)


Ragna (goddess or warrior)

Ragnfrid (Lovely goddess)

Ragnhild (Goddess, warrior)

Ragni (Lovely goddess)

Ragnild (Goddess, warrior)

Ragnilde (Goddess, warrior)

Ran (Sea goddess)

Rana (Royal)

Randi (Lovely goddess)

Rania (Queen)

Rannveig (House woman)

Ranveig (House woman)

Rebekka (ensnarer)

Regina (Queen)

Reidun (nest-lovely)

Ricci (forever strong)

Ricki (Forever strong)

Rika (Forever strong)

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Rikki (Forever strong)

Rind (a giant)

Rinda (a giant)

Ronalda (Strong)

Ronnaug (House woman)

RRagna (Goddess, warrior)

Runa (Mighty strength)

Ruth (Friend)


Saeunn (mother of bergthora)

Sangrida (Valkyrie)

Sif (Thor's second wife)

Sign (Daughter of Volsung)

Signy (Daughter of Volsung)

Sigrath (conquering advisor)

Sigrid (Beautiful, fair)

Sigrun (a secret victory)

Sigun (Daughter of Volsung)

Sigyn (Wife of Loki)

Silje (blind)

Sinmora (Wife of Surt)

Sissel (without sight)

Siv (Kinswoman, Bride)

Skade (Goddess of skiers)

Snor (Wife of Karl)

Snora (Wife of Karl)

Snotra (self discipline)

Sofia (wisdom)

Solaug (strong house)

Solveig (Sun, strength)

Sunniva (Sun gift)

Svan (Swan)

Svanhild (Swan, warrior)

Svanhile (Swan, warrior)

Svann (Swan)

Svenhilda (Swan, warrior)

Svenhilde (Swan, warrior)

Swanhild (Daughter of Sigurd)

Swanhilda (Daughter of Sigurd)

Swanhilde (Daughter of Sigurd)

Syn (invoked during trials)

Synneva (the suns gift)


Thaukt (a giant)

Thir (Wife of Thrall)

Thorberta (the brilliance of thor)

Thorbiartr (brilliance of thor)

Thorbjorg (protected by thor)

Thorbjørg (Thors protection)

Thordia (spirit of thor)

Thordis (the spirit of thor)

Thordissa (spirit of thor)

Thorfinna (Wife of Thorstein Kuggason)

Thorgerd (thors protection)

Thorgunn (thors fighter)

Thorgunna (thors fighter)

Thorhalla (Daughter of Asgrim)

Thorhild (Thor's maiden)

Thorhilda (Thor's maiden)

Thoridyss (spirit of thor)

Thorir (Goddess)

Thorkatla (Wife of Mord)

Thoruna (mother of bishop of bjorn)

Thorunn (mother of bishop of bjorn)

Thrud (promised to alvis)

Thurid (wife of thorstein the red)

Tora (Thunder)

Torberta (brilliance of thor)

Torbjørg (Thors protection)

Tordis (Goddess)

Torgunna (thors fighter)

Torhild (Thor's battle)

Torhilda (Thors battle)

Torid (Thors beauty)

Toril (Thor inspired fighting)

Torne (New)

Torney (New)

Torny (New)

Torunn (Thor's love)

Tove (Good)


Unn (Love)

Unne (Love)

Urd (fate)

Ursula (Little bear)


Vaetild (mother of the skraeling children)

Vaetildam (mother of the skraeling children)

Valda (Rules)

Valdis (Daughter of Thorbrand)

Valgerd (ruling protection)

Valkyrie (Frey's priestesses)

Var (punishes adulterers)

Velaug (Wife of Bjorn Buna)

Vendela (a Wend)

Vera (Faith, true)

Veslemøy (Little girl)

Vibeke (war)

Victoria (Victory)

Vigdis (wife of killer hrapp)

Viola (Violet)

Viva (alive)

Vivian (Alive)

Volva (A prophetess)

Vor (Omniscient goddess)


Yggsdrasil (the tree that binds heaven hell and earth)

Ylva (She-wolf)

Yngvild (Ings warrior)

Yulene (born during yule)


Zwi (gazelle)