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Norwegian Baby Girl Names

Norwegian Baby Name Generator

Unique Norwegian Girl Names & Meanings


Aase (Tree covered mountain)

Abigael (father rejoices)

Adelis (noble sort)

Aegileif (daughter of hrolf helgason)

Agnes (Chaste)

Ågot (good)

Alberte (bright nobility)

Alfdis (Spirit)

Alfhild (Elf, battle)

Ama (Eagle)

Ambjorg (Eagle, protection)

Amdis (Eagle spirit)

Amma (Grandmother)

Amora (Love)

Andras (breath)

Ane (grace)

Angerboda (Giant)

Angerbotha (Giant)

Angrboda (Giant)

Annbjørg (eagle protection)

Annborg (eagle protection)

Anrid (wife of ketil fjorleifarson)

Arnbjørg (help)

Asdis (Divine spirit)

Ashild (God fighting)

Ashilda (God fighting)

Ashilde (God fighting)

Aslaug (Betrothed woman)

Asta (Tree)

Astlyr (Divine strength)

Astra (Star)

Astred (Divine strength)

Astrid (Divine strength)

Astrud (Divine strength)

Astryd (Divine strength)

Asvor (wife of asrod)

Asvora (wife of asrod)

Aud (Wealthy)

Auda (Wealthy)

Audhild (Wealth, Fortune)

Audhilda (Wealth, Fortune)

Audhilde (Wealth, Fortune)

Audhumbla (a giant cow that nursed ymir)

Audney (New found wealth)

Audumla (a giant cow that nursed ymir)

Auduna (Deserted)

Aundy (new prosperity)


Babette (Promise of God)

Beata (Blessed)

Belle (beautiful)

Benita (Blessed)

Bera (A well)

Bergdis (Spirit protection)

Bergit (exalted one)

Bergljot (Protection, help)

Bergthora (Thor's spirit)

Berit (exalted one)

Bestla (Mother of Odin)

Bifrost (the bridge from earth to asgard)

Birget (protecting)

Bjørg (Save, rescue)

Bodil (Remedy, battle)

Bodile (Fighting woman)

Bodilla (Fighting woman)

Borghild (Battle, fortification)

Borghilda (Wife of Sigmund)

Borghlide (Wife of Sigmund)

Borgny (Help)

Botilda (Commanding)

Brede (Glacier)

Brenda (Sword)

Brigit (exalted one)

Brisingamen (Freya's necklace)

Brit (From Britain)

Brunhild (Armored battle maiden)

Brunhilda (Armored battle maiden)

Brunnehilde (Armored fighting woman)

Bryngerd (Mother of Tongue-Stein)

Brynhild (Armored fighting woman)

Brynhilde (Armored fighting woman)

Brynja (Dark)


Cathrine (pure)