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Gabriel (God is my strength)

Gale (Gives joy)

Galm (Father of Thorvald)

Gamal (beauty)

Ganger (A founder of Normandy)

Gardar (Son of Svafar)

Gardi (A ghost)

Garet (Defender)

Garm (Guards the gate of Hell)

Garrett (Defender)

Garth (Defender)

Garthf (Protection)

Gaute (Great)

Geir (Spear)

Geiri (Spear)

Geirleif (Spear descendant)

Geirmund (Son of Gunnbjorn)

Geirolf (Wolf spear)

Geirrod (Brother of Geirrid)

Geirstein (Rock or hard spear)

George (earth)

Georges (tiller of the soil)

Gerald (Ruling spear)

Gerard (bold spear)

Gerhardt (brave)

Gerry (ruling spear)

Gert (jungle)

Gest (Son of Oddleif)

Gideon (feller)

Giermund (feller)

Gilbert (bright pledge)

Gilby (Pledge)

Giles (young goat)

Gils (Father of Hedin)

Gimle (New heaven)

GIum (An outlaw)

Gjallar (Horn sounded for Ragnorok)

Gjest (Stranger)

Gjurd (Gods peace)

Gram (Grain)

Grani (Son of Gunnar)

Gregers (watchfu)

Grenjad (Son of Hermund)

Grim (Son of Njal)

Grimkel (Son of Ulf)

Gudbrand (Weapon of the gods)

Gudbrande (Weapon of the gods)

Gudlaug (Son of Asbjorn)

Gudleif (divine heir)

Gudmund (God, protection)

Gulbrand (Gods sword)

Gullinbursti (The boar ridden by Freyr)

Gulltopp (The horse of Heimdall)

Gungir (Odin's spear)

Gunlaug (Son of Illugi)

Gunnar (Strong in Battle)

Gunnbjorn (Fighting bear)

Gunnerius (soldier)

Gunnlaug (Son of Illugi)

Gunnolf (Fighting wolf)

Gunther (Battler, warrior)

Guri (Lovely)

Gustav (Goth, staff)

Guthr (Warlike)

Gyda (Warlike)


Haaken (Of the chosen)

Hactor (to check)

Hafleikr (Sea war)

Håkon (Of the chosen)

Hal (Rules his household)

Haldor (Thor's rock)

Halklel (Brother of Ketilbjorn)

Hallbjörn (rock)

Halldo (Thors rock)

Halldor (Son of Gunnbjorn)

Halle (Rock)

Hallfred (Son of Ottar)

Hallvard (rock defender)

Halstein (Rock, stone)

Halvard (Rock guardian)

Halvdan (Half Dane)

Halvor (Rock defender)

Harald (War chief)

Hardbein (Son of Helga)

Harold (War chief)

Harry (Rules the home)

Hastein (Son of Atli)

Håvard (high guard)

Heiolf (Father of Vapni)

Helge (Holy, blessed)

Helmut (protection)

Herman (Army man)

Herrick (War chief)

Herryk (War chief)

Hjalmar (Helmeted warrior)

Hoder (A blind son of Odin)

Hodr (A blind son of Odin)

Hodur (A blind son of Odin)

Hoenir (Brother of Odin)

Holger (Island, spear)

Honir (Brother of Odin)

Hord (Father of Ashjom)

Hoskuld (Son of Thorstein)

Hrafn (Son of Hrafn)

Hrapp (Father of Hrodgeir)

Hroald (Brother of Eyvind Weapon)

Hrodgeir (Son of Hrapp)

Hrolf (Wolf)

Hrolleif (Old wolf)

Hromund (Son of Thori)

Hrosskel (Son of Thorstein)


Illugi (Son of Aslak.)

Inge (Lord of the Inguins)

Ingemur (Famous son)

Ingjald (Son of Helga)

Ingolf (Ing's wolf)

Ingram (Ing's raven)

Ingvar (Warrior)

Ivor (Archer)


Jaak (supplanter)

Jaan (life)

Jackson (God has been gracious)

Jacob (supplanter)

Jacobus (Supplanter)

Jaden (Jehovah has heard)

Jakub (Supplanter)

Jan (Gift from God )

Jarl (Chieftain, nobleman)

Jonathan (YAHWEH has given)

Jormungand (giant pole)


Kacper (Treasure Keeper)

Kalf (Half son of Asgeir)

Kalman (Strong, masculine)

Kåre (Curly, curved)

Karli (Manly)

Keldan (from the spring)

Kell (from the well or spring)

Kelsey (Brave)

Kelsig (from the ships island)

Ketil (son of thori)

Kevin (Kind, gentle, handsome)

Kiarr (from the marsh)

Kiollsig (from the ships island)

Kirkjabyr (from the church village)

Kjarr (son of olaf the peacock)

Kjartan (son of olaf the peacock)

Kjetil (cauldron)

Knut (Knot)

Knute (knot)

Knutr (Knot)

Kodran (Father of Thjodgerd)

Kolbein (Son of Sigmund of Vestfold)

Kolgrim (Son of Hrolf)

Kotkel (A sorcerer)


Lachlan (Land filled with lakes)

Lagmann (Lawyer)

Lamond (Lawyer)

Lamont (Lawyer)

Lauris (laurel)

Lauritz (of Laurentum)

Leidolf (wolf descendant)

Leif (Dearly loved)

Leo (Lion)

Lidskjalf (Lief)

Linus (Flax)

Lodmund (Blood brother of Bjolf)

Lodur (giver of senses)

Loki (God of destruction)

Lyting (Brother of Thorstein Torfi)


Magnus (Great)

Mani (Father of Ketil)

Mar (Lord)

Marius (Male)

Mats (gift of God)

Modi (Son of Thor)

Morten (of/like Mars)


Njal (Champion)

Njall (Son of Thorgeir)

Njord (Father of Freya)

Norbert (Hero)

Normann (northman)

Normund (north protection)


Odd (Point of a sword)

Oddmund (Point of a sword)

Oden (poetry)

Oilibhear (Relic)

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Ola (Relic)

Olaf (Relic)

Olaug (Of the ancestors)

Olav (Relic)

Olave (Relic)

Ole (Relic)

Oleif (Relic)

Olen (Relic)

Olin (Relic)

Oliver (Affectionate)

Olof (Relic)

Olvaerr (Affectionate)

Olvir (Affectionate)

Olyn (Relic)

Om (Father of Idunn)

Omolf (Son of Armod)

Onund (Son of Viking)

OrIyg (Son of Valthjof)

Orm (Son of Ulf)

Ospak (Brother of Gudrun)

Osvif (Father of Gudrun)

Otto (Wealth, fortune)

Ove (Ancestors)

Oysten (Happy)

Ozur (Son of Thorleif)

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Pål (Small, humble)

Paul (Small, humble)

Peder (rock)

Peter (Stone)

Petter (rock)

Philip (Friend of horses)


Radorm (Brother of Jolgeir)

Ragnar (Strong counselor)

Ragnarok (The final battle of the gods)

Ragnor (Warrior from the gods)

Rainer (Warrior from the gods)

Raud (Father of Ulf)

Regin (A mythical blacksmith)

Reino (wise)

Reist (Son of Bjam Isle)

Rick (Hard ruler)

Ricky (Hard ruler)

Roald (Fame, ruler)

Roar (Fighter of praise)

Robert (Bright, fame)

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Rolf (Wolf)

Rudolf (Fame, wolf)

Rune (Secret lore)

Runolf (Son of Ulf)


Samuel (God has heard)

Siggeir (King of the Goths)

Sigmt (Victorious defender)

Sigmund (Victorious defender)

Sigurd (Victory, guardian)

Sigurdhr (Victorious defender)

Sigvard (Victorious)

Sijur (Victorious defender)

Simen (hearkening)

Simon (He has heard)

Sindre (sparkling)

Sinfiotli (Son of Siggeir)

Sjurd (victory guard)

Skagi (Son of Skopta)

Stein (stone)

Sten (Stone)

Stian (wanderer)

Sutherland (From the south)

Suthrland (From the south)

Svart (Father of Thorkel)

Svartkel (Father of Thorkel)

Svein (Young)

Sven (Boy)

Svend (Young man)

Sverre (Wild, swinging, spinning)

Svewn (Young)

Sveyn (Young)


Taavett (beloved)

Taavi (beloved)

Tabassum (smiling)

Tabor (Tambourine player)

Tacito (mute)

Tad (courageous)

Tallak (Thors contender)

Terence (Smooth)

Terje (Spear of Thor)

Terry (Ruler of the people)

Thomas (Twin)

Thor (Mythical god of thunder)

Thorald (Thor ruler)

Thorarin (Son of Thorkol)

Thorbert (The glorious Thor)

Thorberta (Brilliance of Thor)

Thorbiartl (The glorious Thor)

Thorbiartr (Brilliance of Thor)

Thorbjorg (Protected by Thor)

Thorbjørn (Thors bear)

Thorbum (Bear of Thor)

Thord (Son of Viking)

Thorgils (Father of Ingiald)

Thorhadd (Son of Stein)

Thoridyss (Spirit of Thor)

Thorir (Son of Asa)

Thorkel (A sorcerer)

Thorlak (Bishop of Skalholt)

Thorleik (Son of Bolli)

Thormod (Son of Odd)

Thorolf (Thor's wolf)

Thorstein (Thor's rock)

Thorualdr (Thor ruler)

Thorvald (Son of Asvald)

Thorvid (Son of Ulfar)

Thrasi (Son of Thorolf)

Throst (Son of Hermund)

Thurstan (Thunder)

Thurston (Thor's stone)

Tollak (Thor's play)

Tomas (twin)

Tor (King)

Torbjørn (Thors bear)

Torgeir (Spear of Thor)

Torger (Spear of Thor)

Torgils (Thors arrow)

Torkel (Thor's cauldron)

Torleif (Thor's descendent)

Tormod (Thor's mind)

Torrad (Son of Osvif)

Torvald (Thor's ruler)

Trygg (True / Trustworthy)

Tryggr (True / Trustworthy)

Tryggve (trustworthy)

Trygve (True / Trustworthy)

Turfeinar (Son of Rognvald)


Ulf (Wolf)

Ulfmaerr (Famous wolf)


Vali (Son of Odin)

Valthjof (Son of OrIyg)

Vandrad (Son of Osvin)

Vanir (a mythical god of rain)

Varg (Wolf)

Ve (giver of feeling love)

Vendel (a Wend)

Vestar (Son of Thorolf)

Vestein (Son of Vegeir)

Vidar (Wide, warrior)

Vifil (Father of Thornbjorn)

Viggo (War)

Vince (Conqueror)

Vivian (Alive)


Waldemar (Rule, famous)

Walter (Ruler of the army)

Werner (Guard, army)

Wybjorn (war bear)

Wyborn (war bear)


Xander (defending men)

Xenophanes (Looking foreign or strange)


Yaalon (He will rise up)

Ymirc (a mythical giant)

Yngvild (mother of bishop brand)

Yrian (earth-worker)


Zwi (gazelle)