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Aage (Ancestors)

Aaric (Rule with mercy)

Abraham (Father of a multitude)

Abram (Father of a multitude)

Absalon (Father of a multitude)

Achim (He whom Jehovah has set up)

Adalbert (Noble bright)

Adam (Man)

Adelstein (precious stone)

Adler (eagle)

Adolf (Noble wolf)

Adonis (lord)

Adriaen (sea)

Aegir (Of the gods)

Aesir (Of the gods)

Aevar (Son of Ketil)

Afi (Fire)

Åge (Ancestors)

Agnes (chaste)

Agrim (First)

Ake (Ancestors)

Akim (God will establish)

Alarik (All ruler)

Alberich (A mythical dwarf)

Albert (Noble, bright)

Albinus (white)

Albrecht (bright)

Alek (Defender of men)

Aleksander (Defender)

Alexander (Defending men)

Alexei (Defender)

Alf (Elf)

Alfarin (Son of Hlif)

Alfarinn (Son of Hlif)

Alfgeir (Elfin spear)

Alfred (Elf counsel)

Alfrigg (A mythical dwarf)

Alfrothul (Of the sun)

Allan (Harmony)

Alrek (All-powerful)

Alrik (All ruler)

Alvis (Wise)

Alviss (Wise)

Amhlaoibh (Relic from an ancestor)

Amin (trustworthy)

Amos (Strong)

Amund (Edge of a sword, awe, terror, protection)

Amundi (Bridal gift)

An (Son of Grim)

Ananias (The cloud of the Lord)

Andar (walk masculine)

Anderson (Son of Ander)

Andor (Eagle)

Andras (Breath)

Andre (Brave)

Andreas (Manly)

Andrei (Manly)

Andrew (Manly)

Andvaranaut (Brunhild's ring)

Andvari (Mythical treasure guardian)

Angelo (angel)

Annanias (The cloud of the Lord)

Annar (Father of the world)

Anselm (god)

Ansgar (Warrior)

Antony (Highly praiseworthy)

Aren (Eagle)

Ari (Eagle)

Arian (Hadria)

Aric (Noble commander)

Aricin (Eternal king's son)

Arick (Rule with mercy)

Arik (Rule with mercy)

Arild (Battle commander)

Arkin (Eternal king's son)

Arkyn (Eternal king's son)

Armod (Blood brother of Geirleif)

Arne (Eagle)

Arneot (Frightens eagles)

Arngeir (Eagle spear)

Arni (In Njals saga the killer of Althing)

Arnlaug (Eagle)

Arnljot (Eagle bright)

Aros (From the river's mouth)

Arrick (Rule with mercy)

Arvakl (A mythical horse)

Arve (Eagle tree)

Arvid (Eagle tree)

Asbiom (Divine bear)

Asbjom (Divine bear)

Åsbjørn (Divine-bear)

Ase (Tree)

Asgard (Mythical city of the gods)

Asgaut (A mythical divine Goth)

Asgeir (Spear of the gods)

Asgerd (Spear of the gods)

Asgier (Divine-bear)

Asgrim (in njals saga the chieftain of tongue)

Ask (From the ash tree)

Askel (Son of Dufniall)

Askell (Son of Dufniall)

Aslak (A supporter of Thorgest)

Asolf (A kinsman of Jorund)

Asrod (Husband of Asvor)

Astor (hawk)

Asvald (Son of Ulf)

Atli (King of the Huns)

Atli king (of the huns)

Aud (Son of night)

Audolf (Wolfs friend)

Audun (Deserted.)

Augustus (venerable or majestic)

Aulay (Relic)

Aurelian (gold or golden)

Avaldamon (name of a king)

Avang (Irishman)

Axel (Father of peace)


Bakli (Son of Blaeng)

Balder (Prince)

Baldor (lord)

Baldr (Son of Odin)

Baldur (Prince)

Baldvin (bold friend)

Balmung (Siegfried's sword)

Barak (blessed)

Bard (Minstrel)

Bardi (Son of Gudmund)

Bardon (Minstrel)

Barnabas (Son of consolation or son of exhortation)

Bastianc (Venerable)

Baug (Son of Raud)

Beini (Name of a smith)

Benjamin (Son of my right hand)

Benno (alliteration)

Benyamin (Son of the right hand)

Bera (Spirited)

Bergelmir (A mythical giant)

Bergeton (hill)

Bergthor (Thor's spirit)

Berhard (bear-hardy)

Bernard (bear-hardy)

Bernhardt (brave bear)

Bersi (Son of Bakli)

Bert (bright)

Berthold (bright-power)

Bifrost (The bridge from earth to Asgard)

Bionbyr (Warrior's estate)

Biorn (Bear)

Birger (Help, save, rescue)

Birgiton (Crichton)

BIyn (Strong)

Bjame (Bear)

Bjami (Bear)

Bjarte (Bright)

Bjolf (Blood brother of Lodmund)

Bjomolf (Bear wolf)

Bjørg (rescuer)

Bodmod (Son of Oleif)

Bodolf (Wolf leader)

Bodvar (Son of Thorleif)

Bolli (Son of Thorleik)

Bolthor (A mythical giant)

Bolverk (A disguise of Odin)

Booth (Herald)

Bor (Father of Odin)

Borg (From the castle)

Borge (Helping)

Bori (Father of Bor)

Boris (Fight)

Bork (Killed by Gunnar)

Bothe (Herald)

Bothi (herald)

Bragi (God of poetry)

Brand (Firebrand)

Brander (Firebrand)

Brandr (Firebrand)

Branstock (a tree in volsungs palace)

Brian (Strong)

Brokk (son of naddodd)

Brondolf (Son of Naddodd)

Bruni (Son of Earl Harek)

Bruno (brown)

Bryan (high)

Brynjar (Armour, warrior)

Burnaby (Warrior's estate)

Burr (Youth)

Busby (Dwells at the village)

Busbyr (Dwells at the village)


Cadby (From the warrior's settlement)

Cade (Circular)

Calvin (Bald)

Camillo (Free-born child)

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Canute (Knot)

Canutus (knot)

Carl (Man)

Carlos (Strong)

Carr (Fighter)

Carsten (Follower of Christ)

Caspar (Keeper of the treasure)

Cassander (shining or glorious man)

Castor (Beaver)

Cato (Intelligent)

Cauley (Relic)

Cawley (Relic)

Cedric (bounty-pattern)

Cedrick (War leader)

Cesar (hair)

Charles (man)

Christen (Christian)

Christof (He who holds Christ in his heart)

Christoffer (He who holds Christ in his heart)

Christopher (patron Saint of travellers)

Clarence (clear)

Claudio (Lame)

Claudius (lame)

Clemens (merciful)

Clement (mild)

Cliff (River ford near a cliff)

Clifford (Ford near a slope)

Clifton (Settlement on a cliff)

Cnute (Knot)

Colin (Young dog)

Collin (child)

Conrad (bold)

Constantin (Constant)

Corey (Ravine)

Cornelius (Of a horn)

Cort (Short)

Cortie (Short)

Crispin (curled)

Cristian (follower of Christ)

Cristoffer (He who holds Christ in his heart)

Crosby (By the cross)

Crow-hreidar (son of dangle beard)

Curt (courteous)

Cyprian (of Cyprus)

Cyrus (who conquered Babylon)

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Daan (Charity)

Dag (Day)

Dagfinn (Day, person from Finland)

Dagnar (Famous day)

Dagvid (Beloved or friend)

Dain (Brook)

Dale (Small valley)

Damian (To tame)

Damien (one who tames)

Damon (To tame)

Dan (a Dane)

Dana (Wise, intelligent)

Danby (from denmark)

Dane (Brook)

Danhy (From Denmark)

Daniel (God is my judge)

Danilo (God is my judge)

Dante (enduring)

Darby (Without envy)

Dario (Rich)

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Darius (rich and kingly)

Darren (oak tree)

David (Beloved)

Davin (Intelligent)

Davy (Cherished)

Davyn (Intelligent)

Delling (Shining)

Dellingr (Shining)

Demetri (Of Demeter)

Denby (From Denmark)

Deniel (God is my Judge)

Denniz (Flowing ocean)

Denny (Greek god of wine)

Denys (From the Latin Dionysos or Dionysus)

Derby (From Denmark)

Derek (people-ruler)

Desiderio (Desired)

Detlef (people heritage)

Dexter (one who dyes)

Didrik (Ruler of the people)

Diedrich (Ruler of the people)

Dieter (Army of the people)

Digby (Farm by a ditch)

Dikibyr (from the dike settlement)

Dino (Little sword)

Dion (From the Latin Dionysos or Dionysus)

Domingo (Born on Sunday)

Dominic (Lordly)

Dominick (Lordly)

Dominicus (of the Lord)

Donald (Great cheif)

Doran (descendant of Deoradhán)

Dorian (Descendant of Dorus)

Douglas (dark)

Draupnir (Odin's magic ring)

Dreng (Warrior)

Duartr (Rich guard)

Durin (A mythical dwarf)

Dustin (stone)

Dylan (Son of the wave)

Dyre (Valuable)

Dyri (Dear)


Eachann (Brown horse)

Eadric (Wealthy monarch)

Eamon (Rich guardian)

Ebbe (Wild boar)

Ebenezer (Rock or stone of help)

Eberhard (courage of a wild boar)

Ebert (hardy)

Eda (Wealthy)

Edgar (Fortunate and powerful)

Edin (Delight)

Edmond (Prosperous protector)

Edmund (prosperityprotector)

Ednar (pleasure)

Edon (loved)

Edouard (rich)

Eduard (Prosperous guardian)

Efrem (Doubly fruitfu)

Eggther (Guardian for the giants)

Egil (Awe, terror)

Egon (Strong with a sword)

Eigil (Inspires fright)

Eikki (Powerful)

Eilif (Immortal)

Einar (Warrior chief)

Eindride (One, alone, to ride)

Eirik (Forever strong)

Eistein (Lucky)

Eitri (A mythical dwarf)

Eivind (happy warrior)

Ejnar (Warrior)

Elbert (noble)

Eldar (Warrior who fights with fire)

Eldgrim (kiiled by hrut hejolfsson)

Eldrid (Fiery spirit)

Elgar (Shining spear)

Eliah god the (Lord)

Elian (Based on the clan name Aelia)

Elias (Jehovah is God)

Elijah (my God is YAHWEH)

Eliot (Jehovah is God)

Elliot (Jehovah is God)

Elliott (Jehovah is God)

Elmar (Awe inspiring)

Elon (Spirit)

Elvin (Wise friend)

Elvis (Sage)

Elwin (Elf-wise friend)

Emil (Rival)

Emmanuel (God with us)

Emrik (Leader)

Emund (riches protector)

Enar (Warrior)

Endre (Manly)

Engelhardt (hardy)

Enoch (dedicated)

Enock (dedicated)

Erek (Lovable)

Eric (Eternal ruler)

Erich (Ruler of the people)

Erick (Ruler of the people)

Erico (Ruler of the people)

Erics (Eternal ruler)

Erik (Powerful)

Erland (Leader)

Erling (Stranger)

Ernest (Serious)

Ernesto (determined)

Eron (Hebrew)

Erp (Son of Meldun)

Errol (nobleman)

Ervin (Beautiful)

Erwin (friend)

Eryk (Lovable)

Esben (Divine bear)

Esbjorn (Divine bear)

Eske (Spear of the gods)

Eskil (Holy cauldron)

Espen (Bear of God)

Eugene (well born)

Evert (Bear)

Eyfrod (Farmed at Tongue)

Eystein (Lucky)

Eyvind (Son of Lodin)


Fabian (bean-grower)

Fafner (A mythical dragon)

Fafnir (A mythical dragon)

Falco (Surname relating to falconry)

Fanuel (vision of God)

Faste (Firm)

Felician (happy)

Felik (lucky)

Felix (Lucky, successful)

Fenris (A mythical monster wolf)

Ferdinand (protection)

Fernando (adventurous)

Filipe (friend of horses)

Finnbogi (A merchant)

Fjall (From the rough hill)

Floki (A heroic Viking)

Flosi (A chieftain)

Folke (People)

Forseti (Son of Balder)

Fredrik (peaceful ruler)

Freki (Odin's wolf)

Frey (Lord)

Freyr (God of weather)

Freystein (Rock hard)

Fridleif (Father of Ari)

Fridthjof (peace-thief)

Fridtjof (peace-thief)

Frika (Peaceful ruler)

Frikka (Peaceful ruler)

Frithjof (peace-thief)

Fritjof (Thief of peace)

Frode (Wise one)

Froder (wise)